Impulse Voltage Generators


Impulse voltage testing systems are designed to generate impulse voltages that simulate lightning strikes and switching surges. Impulse generators are a perfect solution for carrying out impulse tests on HV or UHV cables as well as on MV and HV power transformers. The complete test system consists of a charging rectifier, impulse stages according to the “Marx Circuit”, an impulse voltage divider and impulse voltage measurement system. The applications are defined by IEC, ANSI/IEEE and other national standards.

Impulse Test Sets are also available as Current Impulse Generators used primarily for surge arrestor testing.

HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. has a long tradition of supplying impulse generators for HV applications as well as impulse test systems for the EMC, avionics, and military industries.

Impulse Voltage Generator Models:

Total charging voltage up to 1,200 kV; 5 kJ stage energy:     SGSA

Total charging voltage up to 3,000 kV; 5 or 10 kJ stage energy:    SGDA

Total charging voltage up to 10,000 kV; 10 – 30 kJ stage energy:    SGVA


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