High Voltage Test Equipment

HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc., provides a complete and broad range of High Voltage Test Equipment and Service Solutions for the Utility and Electrical Power Industries. Our quality solutions have you in mind and are not based on a single technology, but focused on capabilities and functionalities you need. Whether it’s for testing the insulating properties of oil, cables, or HV transformers and accessories, HVT brings together resources from design, engineering, technology, and support to make your job easier.

Cable Testing & Diagnostics

High voltage cable test equipment from BAUR with very low frequency (VLF) or AC/DC are easy to operate test solutions for your cable testing needs. The VLF generators can be incorporated with field-proven diagnostic test methods, such as tan delta and partial discharge, to help save companies and utilities significant money, reducing unnecessary outages, and optimizing maintenance planning/budgets.

Cable Fault Location Systems

Although cables used for the distribution of electrical energy are highly developed, there are sometimes malfunctions in the cable system. To keep the consequential damages and costs as low as possible, trained staff and efficient equipment is needed. BAUR cable fault location instruments and systems are used for short circuit faults, cable cuts, resistive faults, intermittent faults, and sheath faults.

Insulating Oil Test Equipment

Oil Diagnostic Systems provided by HVT can alert you to losses in the insulating and cooling properties of oil due to impurities and ageing. Consequences to these losses include damage and failures of equipment and systems, even catastrophic failures resulting in transformer fires. The testing of insulating fluids can extend the life of your electrical equipment.

Measurement Systems

HVT provides accurate and reliable HV measurement systems for test and diagnostic information used to assess the HV insulation of electrical generation, distribution, and transmission apparatus, as well as HV insulating materials and components. Whether it is the measurement and analysis of partial discharge (PD), tan delta / power factorAC/DC, voltage or current impulse signals, or transformer testing and electrical meter testing, we have affordable quality solutions.

AC/DC Dielectric Test Systems

We specialize in providing High Voltage Test Systems for the generation of AC, DC, and Impulse voltage and current sources to meet your factory, laboratory, and on-site test requirements. Our product innovations and expertise provide your company with a solid return on investment.

Impulse Testing

Impulse testing systems are designed to generate impulse voltages that simulate lightning strikes and switching surges. HV TECHNOLOGIES has a long tradition of supplying impulse voltage generators for HV applications as well as impulse test systems for the EMC, avionics, and military industries.

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