Class A, Solid State, Broadband, RF Power Amplifiers

10 kHz to 6 GHz, to 12 kW

HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. is partnered with amplifier manufacturer Prana providing true Class A solid state RF power amplifiers to the North American market for demanding applications including EMC testing.  Prana has delivered over 2,000 amplifiers since 1999.  All still fully supported and in service. Prana designs and manufactures everything in house, under one roof, maintaining strict quality control over every product detail, including customer support, and is ISO 9001 certified. See a partial customer list.

Why Consider Prana Amps? – They stay in your lab working; keeping you up and running

  • True Class A linear Operation — with H2, H3 < -20 dBc at 1dB compression; not at “typical” output power selected for specsmanship purposes
  • Smoke Proof Power Combiners — eliminate possibility of cascading failure
  • Withstand — any mismatch and load without damage
  • Modular design for easy upgradeability & serviceability
  • Monitoring, Alerts, & Diagnostics — of critical operating parameters
  • Fault Tolerant – continue working with the loss of RF power transistor(s)
  • Brutal Factory Testing – at full power (3dB compression) into open, short, 50Ω, 25Ω, 16.67Ω with up to 900 full power on/off cycles and steady state for up to total 80 hours of testing with all protection schemes (if any present) defeated. Varies by amp, ask for details.
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty — 5 year extended warranty option

Additional Features on Larger Amps:

  • User Exchangeable RF Power Modules
  • Hot-Swappable DC Power Supply Modules
  • Spare DC Power Supply Modules
  • DC Power Supply Load Balancing Controller auto-switches between redundant supplies should a power supply module go down.

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Bulk Current Injection (BCI)

Bulk Current Injection probes are used to inject RF current into conductors and cables of electrical and electronic equipment undergoing susceptibility testing. Prana’s BCI probe IP-DR250 is designed to cover most industrial, military and automotive testing standards up to 300mA and aircraft testing up to 600mA. The injection probe with its “clamp-on” feature is simply clamped around the test conductor and becomes a one-turn secondary winding. The injection probe aperture accommodates conductors up to 43.8 mm (1.7 in) in diameter. The IP-DR250 is specially designed to provide minimum insertion loss over the 0.01MHz to 400MHz frequency range. It has a high capacity of heat exchange with the ambient air allowing permanent input power up to 500W.

Applicable Standards:

  • MIL-STD-461
  • ISO 11452-4
  • SAE J1113-4
  • Ford, Chrysler, PSA and other automotive specs

Expertise to Solve Your Needs

HV TECHNOLOGIES not only offers top quality amplifier technologies, it also has the ability to help you size and choose the correct amplifier. We have years of experience and know-how to pull from. It can be very difficult to predict what will happen in every individual setup. There are so many contributing factors that can affect the field such as mismatch (VSWR), cable and system loss, antenna performance, quality of test setup, test standards, field uniformity, test distance, and near field effects. Some of these factors are easy to calculate and predict while others take a little expertise to minimize and understand the effects on required power. With HV TECHNOLOGIES you can be confident with our solutions.

Please contact us and let us build a system for your needs. We can work with the integration of your existing equipment or suggest a full system for you.

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