Tan Delta / Power Factor Testing

High precision tan delta / power factor measuring equipment are used for measuring very low dielectric losses in high voltage apparatus. Tan Delta / Power Factor is a precise and non-destructive method to provide important information on the extent of ageing in insulation systems. Tests are conducted during periodic maintenance and inspection of high voltage equipment such as power transformers, instrument transformers, bushings, capacitors, motors, generators, power cables, etc.

The High-Precision Dielectric Loss Analyzing System 2823 is designed for measurement of very low dielectric losses and impedances (dissipation factor and power factor) of high voltage apparatus (e.g. extruded insulation on power cables). The instrument works on the principle of a combined bridge-vector-meter and it is capable of analyzing capacitive and inductive loads – especially shunt reactors – with outstanding accuracy and stability.

MIDAS 2881

The MIDAS 2881 is a portable power factor tester for periodic maintenance and inspection of high voltage insulation losses of electrical apparatus, especially in the harsh electrical environments experienced in substations and other field locations. Designed for testing at local powerline frequency, the MIDAS automatically measures and records dissipation factor (tan delta), power factor and all other relevant values of impedances. Damage or changes in the insulation material are detected rapidly and reliably.

MIDAS micro 2883

The MIDAS micro 2883 is a revolutionary Power Factor / Dissipation Factor and Capacitance tester used to test the insulation of high voltage components (i.e. transformers, bushings, capacitors, circuit breakers, surge arrestors, etc). Designed and tested for all types of conditions, the complete instrument is built in one rugged case with casters. With its single-box design, weighing only 25 kg / 55 lbs, this tool can be easily transported to any testing location – in the field or in the factory. All accessories are stored in a robust duffel bag that can be affixed to the case itself. Cable drums make set-up and storage quick and convenient.

3370 Standard Capacitor

Nominal capacitors can be used as a capacitance standard together with the 2823 High Precision Tan Delta Measuring Bridge, MIDAS 2881, or MIDAS micro 2883 to measure the dielectric dissipation factor (tan delta), as a reference capacitor for voltage measurements, or to measure the dielectric constant or capacitance of cables, insulators, transformer windings, etc.

Unique and ultra compact device for the tan delta and capacitance testing of various test objects, such as transformers, capacitors, stators of electrical motors, cables, and many more. This device is extremely easy to operate and requires lower voltage application compared to conventional measuring methods, such as measuring bridges.

Compact and economic device for the capacitance and monitoring of solid insulation materials under temperature and pressure. This device is specially developed for tests according to ASTM D150, IEEE 286, IEC 60093, and IEC 60894.

Very low frequency (VLF) tan delta testing is a precise and non-destructive method to provide information on the extent of ageing in cable insulation. The test applies an AC sinusoidal waveform at 0.1 Hz frequency and measures the degree of real power dissipation (or losses) in a dielectric material. Knowledge and understanding of the cable condition can help to reduce unnecessary outages and to assist in condition-based and cost-optimized maintenance programs.

The 2830 / 2831 incorporates a fast and highly advanced procedure to measure capacitance, tan delta / power factor, DC resistance, and relative permittivity (dielectric constant) of liquid or solid insulating materials. A simple one-time-connection system together with resistance measurement according to pre-selected standards drastically reduces measuring time. The system consists of 2830, the measuring bridge and control unit, and 2831, the extension unit.

The BAUR DTL C offers the latest and most precise information for efficient oil management in plants in the electricity industry, the medical, and safety industry. The DTL C combines measurement of the dissipation/power factor, specific resistance and relative permittivity of dielectric insulating oils all in a single instrument.

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