TTR 2796 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

HAEFELY / Tettex

Fully Automatic 3 Phase 250 V Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

Transformer turns ratio (TTR) is a test to help determine that the transformer has the correct primary turns to secondary turns ratio. This test can help to detect faulty transformer windings, such as open windings, improper winding connections, and shorted turns, as well as defective tap changer positions. The excitation current and phase angle between the primary and secondary windings also provides additional information regarding the winding condition.

The rugged and portable 2796 Fully Automated 3 Phase 250 V Transformer Turns Ratio Meter from HAEFELY is ideal for acceptance testing and on-site maintenance testing of transformers according to IEEE, IEC, and ANSI standards. The instrument combines mobility and user friendly handling with unmatched accuracy of up to 0.03%. The higher test voltage of 250 V, together with the high precision, assures authentic results especially on large power transformers. Advanced analysis features like trending allow the user to detect problems at an early stage.

The automatic winding connection identification feature aids to find the correct transformer configuration. With the optional arbitrary phase shift software special transformers with irregular vector groups can also be measured. During production and also in the field the TTR 2796 is a highly valued diagnostic instrument. Within half a minute after connecting the measurement cables to the terminals of the transformer, the voltage ratio, turns ratio, ratio deviation, excitation current and phase deviation are displayed.

DATA SHEET:      TTR 2796 (3 phase, 250 V)

BROCHURE:     TTR 2796 3-Phase Turns Ratio Meter

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TTR 2796 Features

  • Fully automated measurement of turns ratio, voltage ratio, phase displacement and excitation current.
  • Highest measurement accuracy in the industry of up to 0.03% for ratios 0.8 – 100
  • Better transformer excitation due to higher test voltage of 250 V
  • Ratios of up to 50,000 can be measured
  • Measurement of phase displacement of transformers with irregular vector groups, such as phase shifting, arc-furnace, and traction transformers
  • Simplistic user interface for quick test setup
  • Color coded and labeled test leads for easy setup
  • Safety connection control feature that proofs test setup before applying regular test voltage to guarantee safety of the test personnel and instrument
  • Automatic winding connection identification (AWCI) and automatic vector group detection supports the quick and easy operation
  • Remote control via laptop and application software, including automatic report generation
  • Built-in printer for quick test report generation
  • Lightweight, compact and rugged design for use in harsh environments

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