DDX 9160 Portable PD & RIV Detector

HAEFELY / Tettex

The DDX 9160 is a lightweight and portable PD detector from Haefely for AC, DC, and RIV partial discharge measurements. The fully digital state-of-the-art detector can accommodate up to four simultaneous PD/RIV and Voltage inputs. The modular design fits a wide range of PD detection applications. Conventional AC & DC PD measurements according to IEC 60270 or RIV measurements according to NEMA and CISPR standards are covered. The DDX 9160 can be operated by battery or by using an external power supply. Together with the optional integrated measuring impedance, the DDX 9160 is ideal for on-site PD measurements when an existing coupling capacitor is available or for power transformer PD measurements using the bushing tap method.

Haefely’s CaMS software platform provides the most modern, flexible, and user-configurable PD application software on the market. The software enables the controlling of single channel, multi-channel (up to 4 channels per unit) and/or multi-detectors (up to 3 units connected in a daisy chain). A dark mode display includes all the required PD analysis tools such as meters, pulse diagram, PRPD pattern (fingerprinting), data logger and more. The number of meter indicators, as well as their size, can be selected. Reports can be easily created in pdf format.

Fiberoptic cables provide galvanic isolation, ensuring the full safety of the operating personnel. Measurement sensitivity is increased with the most flexible digital filters available on the market allowing the frequency measurement band to be shifted into a less noisy range and suppressing frequency-dependent noise.

DATA SHEET:     DDX 9160 Portable PD Detector

BROCHURE:       DDX 916X PD Detectors

DDX 9160 Features

  • Portable PD detector operated by battery or 12 V power supply
  • AC and DC measuring modes
  • User defined measuring band
  • Modular design, 1 to 4 channels, and capability to daisy chain many detectors
  • Simultaneous RIV and PD reading
  • Phase Resolved PD (PRPD) patterns for fingerprinting
  • High resolution spectrum analyzer with oscilloscope
  • Data acquisition and test report generation
  • Optically decoupled from the computer
  • Reduces ground noise – The built-in frequency spectrum analysis and selectable frequency band lets the user optimize the setup in seconds
  • Unit can be easily upgraded (up to 12 simultaneous PD/RIV readings)
  • Reduces training time – The modern software makes the use of the device easier than ever. Operators can start using the device in minutes.
  • PD interpretation – The phase resolved analysis and recording capabilities allow for future data analysis.
  • Reduce the number of required components and save space by utilizing an internal integrated measuring impedance

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