MIDAS 2881 / 2881G

The MIDAS 2881 is a portable power factor tester for periodic maintenance and inspection of high voltage insulation losses of electrical apparatus, especially in the harsh electrical environments experienced in substations and other field locations.

Designed for testing at local powerline frequency, the MIDAS automatically measures and records dissipation factor (tan delta), power factor and all other relevant values of impedances. Damage or changes in the insulation material are detected rapidly and reliably.

Optional resonating inductors allow increasing of the measuring load:

  • 5288a 12 kV, 40 kVA mobile resonating inductor for loads up to 1.06 µF at 10 kV and up to 875 nF at 12 kV
  • 5289 100 kVA, 15 kV automatic resonating inductor for loads up to 1.41 µF at 15 kV

MIDAS 2881 Features

  • Automatic measurement of power factor, dissipation factor (tan delta), short circuit impedance, excitation current, capacitance, quality factor, frequency, voltage, current, power losses, impedance, inductance, and reactance
  • All in one unit with quick equipment set-up and shortest measuring time
  • Easy to operate with software assisted test operation
  • Standard built-in 12 kV high voltage supply with optional 15 kV, 4 kVA HV supply (MIDAS 2881G model)
  • MIDAS 2881G allows measurements on rotating machines of up to 24 kV at nominal voltage
  • Optional resonating inductors can increase the measuring load of the MIDAS
  • Built-in, long-term stable standard capacitor and self-calibrating measurement sensors
  • Advanced interference suppression
  • Low PD level due to state of the art HV power supply with filters
  • Tan delta and partial discharge can be measured simultaneously in combination with the optional DDX 9121b
  • Ability to measure tan delta of insulating oil quickly on-site with the 6835 Portable Oil Test Cell
  • Rugged, reliable, and safe construction

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