Partial Discharge Monitoring System

The Partial Discharge Monitoring System with Data Acquisition Unit (PDMS DAQ) is a compact and universal data acquisition unit for use within PD monitoring systems. A permanent online PD monitoring of critical system components detects deterioration of their insulation system at an early stage and allows to take measures before insulation breakdown and failure happens. A complete system generally includes sensors, data acquisition units, and a server together with data visualization, storage and connectivity facilities, such as a workstation or an interface to a SCADA or DCS system. The specific configuration strongly depends on the assets to be monitored, the system topology, and the requirements for data acquisition and analysis.

PDMS DAQ Features

  • Monitor critical components such as generators, transformers, GIS, bushings, and cables
  • Universal sensor, channel, and operating mode configuration
  • Compatibility with a wide range of sensors covering the IEC/broadband/UHF frequency range, including UHF PD sensors
  • Covers all applicable PD measuring standards acc. to IEC and IEEE
  • Suitable for retrofit into any system, including permanent and temporary installation
  • Flexible installation as wall mount or into a cabinet

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