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HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. is proud to be partnered with Innco Systems to provide top quality positioning equipment to the North American market. Innco Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of positioning systems for EMC (EMI and EMS) measurement systems, including HF, Wireless, Antenna and Anechoic Chamber applications.

With more than 20 years experience as an independent supplier, Innco Systems use only the highest quality materials and the latest technological designs in their products. This combination allows Innco to offer high accuracy, speed of rotation and tolerance in all of its products.

Combining in-house design capabilities, software programming and extensive experience, we have the capability to support our products and to provide services to the market. Together with Innco Systems, HV TECHNOLOGIES can provide local support and online support, assisting the customer to better serve their markets and their customers. Our antenna stands and masts can be used for all commercially available antennas.



Our Antenna Stands are specifically designed to be used in EMC and antenna facilities for measurements at a constant height.

All designs are constructed from non-conductive materials (except for castors and drive unit) and have no influence on measurement performance. Polarization actuation is available in three versions, manual, electric and pneumatic.

The latest introduction to the antenna stand range, allows adjustable height in combination with electric polarization. The stand can also be equipped with a manual hand crank to raise and lower the antenna. This allows easy movement and fast set up time compared to a tripod.


  • Weatherproof PVC and fiberglass materials
  • All height ranges available – please specify your requirement
  • Manually adjustable measuring height. Easily lock in place when desired height has been reached.
  • 6kg and 10kg antenna load versions standard. Custom designs for heavier antenna available on request
  • Hand crank height adjustment option
  • Manual tilt option
  • Manual (AS-MP), electric (AS-EP), or pneumatic (AS-PP) polarization actuation
  • Antenna stands for heavy horn antennas (up to 50kg weight) available
  • CO3000 controller or separate Interface Box available for commercial EMC test software compatibility
  • Fiber optic limit switch options with polarization position indication to feedback into EMC test software



Antenna Masts are an integral part of EMC and RF measurement systems.  Innco Systems masts are renowned worldwide as the standard benchmark. Available in manual or automatic, using either pneumatic and/or electric drives, our antenna mast designs have the capability to support antennas of 6kg (MM) and 10kg (MA) as standard. Higher load versions are available upon request.

Unique designs with integrated pneumatic compressors, high speed and high accuracy operation, twin masts, boresight function and loads as high as 30kg are all part of Innco supplied products to a worldwide customer base.



  • Weatherproof PVC and fiberglass materials
  • Suitable for use in open area test sites (OATS) and anechoic chambers
  • Drive unit shielded and RF suppressed – 20dB under Class B
  • 1 – 10+ meter electric height adjustment
  • Custom height versions available
  • Electric or pneumatic polarization actuation
  • Pneumatic compressor built into the base unit. No need for external supply
  • Can support antennas up to 20kg as standard
  • High accuracy and high-speed options
  • 0 – 45 degree bore sight option for CISPR 16-1-4 and ANSI C63.4 compliance
  • CO3000 Controller operation
  • Compatible with commercial EMC test software
  • MA5000-XP-ET in stock at HV TECHNOLOGIES – contact us for information

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