KEV Cable Test Termination Systems (≤ 100 kV)

KEV 100

The KEV Series oil-insulated Cable Test Terminations are used for AC testing as well as for partial discharge testing and tan delta measurements on extruded insulation medium voltage cables. The KEV Series is available for rated voltages up to 100 kV. Their main characteristics include easy handling, short cable preparation times, and very short set up times, which is of great importance in routine test applications.

The KEV Series comprises of two different types:

  • KEV 50 with a rated voltage of 50 kV and can be fastened directly to the cable drum.
  • KEV 75/100 with a rated voltage of 75 or 100 kV, mounted on a trolley and fitted with an oil drip collector for collecting oil that drips from the cable when removed from the termination.

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