PGR – High Voltage DC Test Systems

PGR Test Systems are designed and built to perform ultra high voltage DC insulation tests on electrical apparatus, bushings, transformers, and cables according to IEC and IEEE standards.

The PGR test systems are built in standard modules of 400 kVDC, which can be stacked and expanded to achieve voltages of up to 2,000 kVDC. The standard modules have a small footprint to optimize space on the test floor or for designing mobile systems to be used for on-site testing. They are ideal systems to be used for withstand voltage tests as well as partial discharge measurements with the DDX 9121b PD Detector.

PGR Features

  • Small footprint to optimize space
  • Can be designed for mobile use on site
  • Stackable standard modules allow for easy future expansion of the system
  • Rated current available over the entire voltage range
  • Low ripple < 3% displayed in real time
  • Fast polarity reversal
  • DC partial discharge testing capable with the DDX 9121b PD Detector

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