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Latest Articles

Beyond the Skies: Unveiling the Precision of Military Avionics Testing Equipment

Beyond the Skies: Unveiling the Precision of Military Avionics Testing Equipment Military aircraft operate in diverse and often harsh environments. Avionics testing includes environmental testing to simulate conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and high altitudes. This ensures that avionics systems can withstand challenging environmental factors without degradation in performance. Military avionics, encompassing communication, navigation,

Oil testing solutions on dielectric transformer fluids

Transformer oil is a special type of oil that must have excellent electrical insulating properties and is stable at high temperatures in order to properly insulate and cool a transformer while it is energized. Some of the most important properties for transformer oil to have are high dielectric strength, thermal conductivity, and chemical stability, and ideally must

Cable testing solutions for renewable photovoltaic power projects

The U.S. plans to add 54.5 gigawatts of new utility-scale electric-generating capacity to the power grid in 2023. More than half (54%) will be solar power and about 17% battery storage. 2023 will have the highest utility-scale solar capacity added in a single year, more than doubling the current record! This is an exciting development


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