Prana, founded in 1975, has built a well-regarded reputation manufacturing RF Power Amplifiers for broadband applications for EMC testing, instrumentation, and radio-communication. They are known for their exceptional performance, rugged reliability, and high quality. Prana’s amplifier lines are all solid state and cover a frequency range of 10kHz to 6GHz with power levels up to 12kW.


Prâna has a strong research and development department that is able to propose technical solutions best suited to customer needs. They are ISO 9001 certified. Prâna distributes its amplifiers world-wide and has a large international network of partners to promote sales and provide the appropriate answer in the shortest amount of time. Our engineers and technicians are multi-disciplined and can be deployed as developer, manufacturer, trainer, and provider of telephone support. We have a willingness and ability to listen allowing us to understand your needs.

Prâna has fully utilized its resources and together with it’s after sales services & support and world-wide network, we provide a very efficient RF solution.


HV TECHNOLOGIES is factory trained and certified as a service and calibration center to get North American customers quicker turnaround times for repair and calibration. Our relationship with Prana means you get excellent sales and service for years to come. We can assist you in sizing for the correct amplifier that not only matches power needed, but value for your money.

Prâna’s products cover the following markets: Avionics, Military, Automotive, Telecom, Commercial, CE Mark, Medical Electronics, IT Electronics, RF Test and Measurement, Protective Devices, and Components.

Products from Prana cover the following tests: RF Radiated Immunity/Emissions.