RM 430 Ratio Meter for Voltage Dividers


RM 430

The ratio meter type 430 is used for the measurement and check of the transformation ratio of voltage dividers and terminal networks. It has been specially developed for checking of the transformation ratio of high voltage dividers in the test field. The instrument measures the real transformation ratio taking into consideration the influence of the surroundings and including the effect of the measuring cable (which is especially important in the case of damped capacitive voltage dividers).

The connection to the high voltage electrode of the voltage divider and the instrument can be done with a wire of 1 mm diameter. For the low voltage arm the impulse voltage measuring cable shall be preferably used. The selection of the measuring range occurs automatically, thus eliminating calculations for the determination of the transformation ratio which are time consuming and subject to errors.

DATA SHEETS:      RM 430 Ratio Meter

RM 430 Features

  • Measurement of the real divider ratio, including cable and stray capacitances
  • Allows a regular check of the divider and guarantees the safety and accuracy of the HV laboratory
  • Easy to use – measurement can be conducted in minutes
  • Specially designed for high voltage dividers
  • Small, portable unit
  • Battery powered

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