Multiplexers for Multiple Measuring Impedances

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Multiplexers are used in PD measuring circuits when multiple measuring impedances are in use. This allows switching from the various measuring impedances to analyze the PD characteristics using only one PD detector. Examples of when multiplexers could be used are when testing bushings on 3-phase transformers or when PD testing 3 phases of power cables, simultaneously.

DATA SHEET:     MPX PD Channel Multiplexer

MPX Features

  • Switching box for PD and synchronization voltage inputs from multiple measuring impedances
  • Only one cable required to PD detector for PD and voltage signal, respectively
  • Different models available with 4, 6, 8 or 12 channels
  • Switching of the active channel via rotary knob or remote controlled
  • Special versions for proprietary devices (such as Lemke brand) available including control cable
  • BNC input and output signal connectors
  • Robust metal housing with grounding rail
  • Built-in over-voltage protection

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