MOL25T and MOL500T Fiber-Optic Links


The new MOL25T and MOL500T fiber-optic link sets transmit analog signals from DC to 25 MHz or 500 MHz respectively. These compact fiber-optic transmitter and receiver modules are strongly shielded against harsh electromagnetic environments. The optical fiber ensures total galvanic isolation between the measurement point and the operator.

Test and measurement applications include:

Surveillance of EUT during tests

  • Our fiber-optic transmission links are designed to transport signals in harsh electromagnetic environments in a very reliable way.
  • The compactness of the modules makes an ideal solution for non-invasive measurements.
  • These transmission systems are essential tools for proper measurements during EMC tests or during high voltage tests.

Safe measurements in high voltage systems, in the power distribution network, or in power substations

  • The optical transmitter module is connected using optical fiber cable only, providing total galvanic isolation between the measurement point and the operator.
  • This galvanic separation also allows the measurement of floating voltage signals.

Measurement in power electronics

New solid-state switch technology operates at up to 2-3 kV.  Every developer of high-power inverters with solid-state switches has the challenge to optimize the switching transitions and therefore needs a good measurement tool to catch and analyze the fast transients of these floating voltage signals.

General transmission of analog signals from hard-to-access areas

Thanks to its high-capacity embedded lithium battery the user can utilize the MOL family for the transmission of any kind of analog signals to or from hard-to-access areas. When not used, the module can be put in stand-by mode for months. The user can remotely wakeup the system without having to physically go to the hard-to-access location (typically deep inside a complex system, or in a wind turbine, or in a high security area, or simply far away from the control room, etc.)

MOL25T and MOL500T BrochureMOL25T Data Sheet  |  MOL500T Data Sheet

Key Features:

  • All models of MOL (MOL25T, MOL500T, MOL2000T) are available

    in stand-alone and multilink versions.

  • Built-in attenuators and preamplifiers can

    be remotely configured for optimized use of the input dynamic.

  • The modules comprise automatic regulation of optical losses and thermal

    compensation for high accuracy measurements.

  • The optical signal and battery levels are monitored and status messages are

    reported to the user interface.

  • Different models of the plug-in modules can be mixed into one chassis.


  • Realtime measurements in harsh environments such as high voltage substations,

    railway infrastructures, physics research centers.

  • Measurement of fast transients on high voltage floating potentials.

  • Fast impulses or RF signal transmission over long distances or hardly accessible areas.

  • HPEM / EMP / UWB testing.

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