4761 / 4762 / 4764 Current Comparators

HAEFELY / Tettex

The 4761 and 4764 high precision standard current comparators are used as comparison standard in the differential method (bridge) measurement of current instrument transformers together with the 2767 Automatic Instrument Transformer Test Set or 2763 Automatic Current Transformer Test Set. The special active flux compensated design of these comparators results in negligible current errors.

These units can also be used as current measuring range extension for capacitance and tan delta measuring equipment.

4761 / 4764 Features

  • Current ranges up to 1,000 A (type 4761) and 5,000 A (type 4764)
  • Range of 4764 can be extended up to 10,000 A with auxiliary transformer
  • Wide measuring range up to 200% of the nominal current at full accuracy
  • Very small current error (1 – 200% IN)
  • Secondary currents of 1 and 5 A
  • Housing is made of an insulating material
  • All terminals and controls are mounted on the top panel
  • The holes for the wires of the bushing transformer are on the lateral face of the unit
  • Portable

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