MIL-MG3 – CS115 & CS116 Generator

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The MIL-MG3 conducted susceptibility test system is fully designed to meet the test requirements per MIL-STD-461 – CS106CS115 and CS116 as well as RTCA DO 160 Section 17 and Section 19. The unit features a 7” color touch screen interface with intuitive graphics to aid in test setup. All plug-in modules are built with solid state switches for clear, accurate and repeatable waveforms.

The MIL-MG3 is built upon the success of the market proven MIG2000-6 & MIL3000 test generator with added benefits such as a single coupler for both the CS115 test and all 6 frequencies from CS116. The coupler has a large aperture to accommodate even the largest diameter cables. This further reduces system complexity and helps to increase productivity. Electronic polarity change is standard as with all EMC Partner generators. Synchronization to the AC power supply can be done through the built-in synchronization port. The system comes complete with calibration jig and all required accessories for a turn-key operation right out of the box. TEMA3000 automation software allows the user to program, save & recall test sequences with ease and can generate test reports with oscilloscope waveform integration. Contact HV TECHNOLOGIES for a demo!


CS115:  Bulk Cable Injection

This test requirement is applicable to all aircraft, space, and ground system interconnecting cables, including power cables. The requirement is also applicable for surface ship and submarine subsystems and equipment when specified by the procuring activity.

CS116: Damped Sinusoidal Transients

This requirement is applicable to all interconnecting cables, including power cables, and individual high side power leads. Power returns and neutrals need not be tested individually. For submarine applications, this requirement is applicable only to cables and leads that exit the pressure hull.

The 6 frequencies listed in MIL-STD-461 (10kHz, 100kHz, 1MHz, 10MHz, 30MHz, 100MHz) are included in 2 plug-in modules. Additional frequencies can be built into custom plug-in modules.

CS106: Submarine and Surface Ship Transients

This requirement is applicable to submarine and surface ship equipment and subsystem AC and DC input power leads, not including grounds and neutrals.

CS06: Conducted Susceptibility, Spikes, Power Leads

This requirement from MIL-STD-461 C is applicable to equipment and subsystem AC and DC power leads, including grounds and neutrals which are not grounded internally to the equipment or subsystem. CS06 was subsequently removed from MIL-STD-461 revision D onwards.

DO160 Section 17: Voltage Spike Test

This requirement is applicable to AC and/or DC power inputs. The test determines if the EUT operates as required when subjected to voltage spikes up to 600V.

DO160 Section 19: Chattering Relay Test

This requirement applies to interconnection cables. Transient voltage bursts up to 1kV are induced into the cables with a burst duration of approximately 250us.

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