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innco systems GmbH was founded in 2008, from a merger of HD GmbH and Inn-Co GmbH, which ensures that we are able to support all systems provided under these names. Our history dates back to 1989 and provides us with a wealth of experience and system installations, worldwide.


innco systems GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of positioning systems for EMC (EMI / EMS), Wireless, OATS, RF, RCS and HF, Measurement and Testing Applications.  The company specializes in the design and manufacture of positioning systems, from standard products to custom designs. With all products manufactured in Germany, only the highest quality system is provided to a worldwide customer base.

As an independent supplier, customer orientated solutions are our focus. We aim to be flexible, quick to respond and to give our customers the added value, which allows them to be competitive in a global market place.

Our own in-house EMC facility allows us to progress new products quickly and cost effectively.


Our highly qualified and ambitious team, are ready to support our customers with the highest quality products in the shortest possible time. An increasing demand for EMC positioning systems worldwide provides our team with new and exciting projects, to promote their knowledge and awareness of the international standards. We cover all aspects of the design through to manufacture and installation, through co-operative teamwork.

A competent and friendly corporate management structure provides support and fast responses when and where required. The combination is a powerful tool to assist in the future development of new products and markets.

High quality products, state of the art systems, excellent service and customer focused … try it .