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Innco Systems’ experienced and highly qualified engineering team can offer a wide range of custom positioning systems according to client specifications or measurement applications. We design and manufacture a large range of linear positioners that can help speed up testing. All drive units are shielded and radio interference suppressed 20dB under Class B of CISPR22.



The Field Probe Positioner FSM2315 is designed to automate the 16 point measurement according to IEC 61000-4-3. The system provides X and Y axis positions for continuous and step by step movement of the field probe 0.8 m above the floor with a 1.5 m x 1.5 m area for the 16 sensor positions. Metal parts are located only in the base plate and the drive mechanism (max. 0.2 m above ground level). Limit switches and the general mechanical design ensure a safe and reliable system operation. Innco systems also provides a manual operated version, FSM1500M.


  • Horizontal movement 1.5 m
  • Vertical movement 1.5 m
  • Can support field probe up to 2 kg
  • 12 cm/s positioning speed
  • +/- 1 cm positioning accuracy
  • Easily disassembled and reassembled
  • Compatible with commercial EMC test software with CO3000 controller


Our absorbing clamp positioning systems are designed for automatic measurement of radiated emissions on cables, according to CISPR 13, CISPR 14-1 and EN 50083-2 international standards. The universal clamp tray supports all commercially available absorbing clamps.

The construction above 43cm is 100% metal free, using materials such as PVC and/or reinforced fiber glass to provide high stability during frequent use and operation of the slide rail.


  • 5 m – 6+ m measuring distance
  • 10 kg clamp load capacity
  • Slide speed minimum 1 m in 35 seconds
  • Slide speed maximum 1 m in 5 seconds
  • Positioning accuracy +/- 1 cm
  • 3 supporting pillars with low footprint
  • Integrated roller & stopper for easy storage and setup
  • Lockable clamp tray for manual movement of the slider
  • Compatible with commercial EMC test software with CO3000 controller



The VSWR 15000-MP linear positioner is designed to support the automation of VSWR / Site VSWR measuring procedures with antennas up to 6kg (13lbs). The slide can be moved 15 m horizontally controlled by CO3000 controller or if equipped with PC-option direct via USB. The signal is transmitted by fiber optic cable.

The height of the antenna and polarization can be adjusted manually. The mast beam can be rotated vertically excentric so the rotation axis can be optimized according to the antenna center. The device is easy to move by lockable rollers. Metal parts are located only in the base plate and the drive mechanism (max. 0.4 m above ground level).


  • 15 m horizontal movement range (electric)
  • 0.8 m to 2.3 m antenna height (manual adjustment)
  • Max. 6 kg antenna weight (higher loads available on request)
  • Positioning speed adjustable between 1 to 12 cm/s (high-speed option available)
  • Positioning accuracy +/- 3 cm
  • Compatible with commercial EMC test software with CO3000 controller

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