SGDA Impulse Voltage Generator 


The SGDA impulse generators are the perfect solution for carrying out impulse tests on HV or UHV cables (5 kJ version) as well as on MV and HV power transformers (10 kJ version). Their small footprint and stable design meet the needs of universities and R&D centers. With its unique Delta-structure, the SGDA impulse generators are easy to transport and erect onsite. The SGDA series are available for 5 or 10 kJ stage energy, with total charging voltages from 200 up to 3,000 kV.

The major impulse circuit elements such as capacitors and resistors are arranged in an optimum manner to simultaneously satisfy the two major requirements – the smallest possible internal inductance and operating convenience. The extremely low internal inductance allows the SGDA to be well-suited for transformer manufacturers.

SGDA generators are now supplied with the latest generation of impulse controls – HVC 300. Rugged fiberoptic cables will be connected to the hardware in the test field to allow for the highest Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3). The complete galvanic separation protects operators and equipment in the control room. A new and modern software with intuitive user interface allows for simple automated impulse testing.

DATA SHEET:     SGDA Impulse Voltage Generator

SGDA Features

  • Total charging voltage 200 to 3,000 kV
  • 5 or 10 kJ stage energy
  • The lowest internal inductance ever achieved
  • Small footprint
  • Reliable and accurate triggering by improved Marx Circuit
  • Handy plug-in resistors and connections
  • Unique protective grounding device
  • Ease of operation with modern control system
  • Impulse wave shapes’ analysis according to latest IEC and ANSI/IEEE standards
  • Compact Design
  • Short configuration times
  • A modular expandable system that grows with your application needs (max. 3,000 kV)
  • Easy handling and transportation for on-site testing
  • High stability and durability
  • Completely SIL 3 compliant with new HVC 300 impulse controls

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