Winding Analyzer 2293 – Your Best Solution for Winding Resistance Analysis and Turns Ratio Testing on Transformers

The Winding Analyzer 2293 is an automatic winding resistance analyzer optimized to perform routine and maintenance tests on three phase power and distribution transformers. The 2293 can perform both winding resistance and transformer turns ratio (TTR) tests without requiring any additional equipment. The unit combines excellent technical specifications and an incredibly user-friendly interface leading to quick and efficient test times with highly accurate results.

The 2293 features a one-time connection set up for fast, safe, and efficient testing of 3 phase transformers, significantly reducing overall testing time. Furthermore the 2293 was the pioneering device on the market with integrated Simultaneous Winding Magnetization (SWM). SWM utilizes the 2293’s three programmable power supplies to simultaneously inject DC current into both the high and low voltage side of the transformer. This allows a smaller measuring current of up to 32 A to achieve the same results as with the classic mode using 100 A.

The 50 V / 32 A output in single mode or 100 V / 16 A output in SWM mode of the 2293 is optimal for winding resistance and turns ratio tests on large power transformers. The higher power in the device will help to magnetize the transformer faster and reduce the testing time. Using too little power can provide improper results due to lack of stabilization, which is why the 2293, with its highest power output on the market, will always lead to more accurate results.

The 2293 has the highest accuracy TTR measurement of ± 0.05% and winding resistance measurement accuracy of ± 0.1%. The very high TTR accuracy is achieved by using a compensated measuring mode, which matches the actual turns ratio with the no-load voltage ratio. This is an advanced method that performs multiple classic ratio measurements per phase.  By using this advanced mode, results equivalent to 250 V test voltage can be reached using lower and safer test voltages.

Beyond winding resistance and TTR, the 2293 also demagnetizes the transformer when testing is complete. The demagnetization function eliminates magnetic remanence in the core following the application of a DC voltage.

The 2293 can further be outfitted with additional tests:

  • 2293/SKAP – Arbitrary Phase Shift – allows for testing of non-standard phase shifted winding configurations
  • 2293/SKTR – Heat Run – temperature rise and cooling curve (temperature measuring probes available as well)
  • 2293/SKMB – Magnetic Balance – used to identify interturn faults and magnetic imbalance
  • 2293/SKTR – Tap Changer Dynamic Resistance – records currents and voltages during the tap position transition
  • 2293/SKSC – Short Circuit Impedance (at reduced current) – Measures the impedance of the transformer once in short circuit, and calculates the percentage with respect of the nominal transformer power.  Changes in the short circuit impedance are normally an indication of mechanical issues.

2293 Features

  • Multipurpose Winding Analyzer: transformer winding resistance, turns ratio, vector-group detection, arbitrary phase ratio, demagnetization, magnetic balance, dynamic resistance, short circuit impedance, and heat run test (heat rise and cooling curve) all in one instrument
  • Setup made easy – simple “one-time-connection” system: once connected will test all phases on both windings
  • Unique simultaneous winding magnetization method for winding resistance measurements, equivalent to traditional equipment with up to 100 A test current
  • Highest power output for fast charging and stabilization
  • Advanced procedure for turns ratio and phase displacement measurement (also on arbitrary phase shifted transformers)
  • Demagnetization function included
  • 7″ touch screen interface with full and intuitive graphical test visualization
  • Tap changer control signal
  • Data transfer over USB memory-stick or LAN
  • Portable and rugged design

All in all, the 2293 is a multipurpose and portable measuring device that can easily be handled by one person due to size, design, and use of one set of leads. It features a 7-inch color touch screen with a straightforward and intuitive menu.  The touchscreen is resistive, which means that it can be used with a gloved hand or stylus.

The 2293 has the accuracy for use on the factory test floor, but is built into a rugged and portable case, allowing the same type of accuracy expected on the test floor to also be achieved out in the field.

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