WA 2293 Winding Resistance Analyzer

HAEFELY / Tettex

The 2293 is an automatic winding resistance analyzer, optimized for three phase power and distribution transformer measurements. It uniquely combines winding resistance measurement, turns ratio measurement, core demagnetization, transformer type detection, magnetic balance and heat run test (temperature rise and cooling curve) in the fastest single instrument solution on the market.

A simple “one-time-connection” system drastically reduces measuring time: once connected all tests can be performed in a row without any reconnection. The built-in simultaneous winding magnetization method guarantees fast and reliable resistance measurements. Stable measurements are reached even on large power transformers with delta windings on the low voltage side. A progressive method for measuring transformer turns ratio guarantees results closer to the nominal ratio even in large power transformers with tertiary windings.

The demagnetization function eliminates the magnetic remanence, which can cause faulty measurements, high inrush currents and incorrect operation of protective relays.

DATA SHEET:     2293 Automatic Transformer Winding Analyzer

BROCHURES:     WA 2293 Automatic Transformer Winding Analyzer     

                              2293 & MIDAS micro 2883 Transformer Test Solution

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WA 2293 Features

  • Multipurpose Winding Analyzer: transformer winding resistance, turns ratio, vector-group detection, arbitrary phase ratio, demagnetization, magnetic balance, dynamic resistance, short circuit impedance, and heat run test (heat rise and cooling curve) all in one instrument
  • 7″ touch screen interface with full graphical test visualization
  • Advanced procedure for turns ratio and phase displacement measurement (also on arbitrary phase shifted transformers)
  • Demagnetization function
  • Tap changer control signal
  • Data transfer over USB memory-stick or LAN
  • Setup made easy – simple “one-time-connection” system: once connected will test all phases on both windings
  • Unique simultaneous winding magnetization method for winding resistance measurements, equivalent to traditional equipment with up to 100 A test current.

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