PZT Cylinder Type Transformers


PZT AC Transformer

The ACS/PSZ AC Dielectric Test Systems are specifically designed for test applications which require a stable output voltage, even if the load may change during testing. For example for heavy corona, wet tests or pollution tests to name a few. These systems are also especially useful for when the load is inductive, such as inductive voltage transformers. Depending on our customer’s specific needs, it’s possible to stack several transformers – allowing us to reach very high voltages while also taking up very little valuable floor space.

PZT Cylinder Type Transformer Features

  • Flexible high voltage connection options
  • Compact dimensions perfect for minimum space requirements
  • Sophisticated protection features for optimal test object and personnel protection
  • Large range of applications
  • Low acoustic noise level (ca. 65 – 75 dBA)
  • Power compensation inductance guarantees linear voltage distribution for systems with 3 or more stacked transformers and reduces the power required on the primary (LV) side of the test system
  • Option to add air-cushion base frame

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