UHF-50 / UHF-80 Drain Valve PD Sensor

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UHF Drain Valve Sensor

The UHF-50 or UHF-80 are UHF drain valve sensors used for the decoupling of PD signals from the inside of oil-immersed components in power transformers. Versions are available for standard DN 50 and DN 80 drain valves. Leak-free installation of the sensor is done quickly and easily and the PD signals can be analyzed with the HTP-2/UHF PD Detector or PDMS DAQ PD Monitoring System.

DATA SHEET:      UHF Oil Drain Valve Sensor

UHF-50 / UHF-80 Features

  • Easy and leak-free installation on oil-filled transformers and reactors
  • UHF-50 and UHF-80 versions available for standard DN 50 and DN 80 drain valves
  • Online installation of the sensor, no power-down necessary
  • Wide frequency range 100 MHz – 2 GHz
  • Suitable for temporary measurements as well as permanent installation for continuous on-line monitoring
  • Performs UHF signal measurements with transformer tank acting as natural shield against external interferences

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