CT-2 Bushing UHF Sensor

ohv diagnostic

The Bushing UHF PD Sensor is used for the acquisition of high-frequency transients caused by partial discharges within bushings of distribution and transmission transformers. The UHF frequency range allows for high sensitivity PD measurements with excellent signal to noise ratios. The sensor can be attached to any bushing size due to its variable diameter design. The easy installation and weatherproof design makes it ideal for temporary or permanent installation. The PD measurements can be conducted with the HTP-2/UHF PD Detector or PDMS DAQ PD Monitoring System.

DATA SHEET:      Bushing UHF PD Sensor

CT-2 Features

  • Wide frequency range 100 – 900 MHz
  • Easy installation on lowest bushing trunk without invasion into the bushing
  • Variable adaptation to different bushing sizes (trunk diameter to be defined upon order)
  • No infringement of electric field critical sections
  • Weather resistant for installation on outdoor bushings
  • Suitable for permanent and temporary installation

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