CT-1 UHF PD Sensor

ohv diagnostic

The CT-1 UHF PD sensor is used for the acquisition of high-frequency transients caused by partial discharges at joints and terminations of medium and high voltage cables, transformers, motors and other electrical equipment. The passive sensors can be installed quickly and easily and the signals can be analyzed with the HTP-2/UHF PD Detector, other UHF detectors, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, or PDMS DAQ PD Monitoring System.

DATA SHEET:      CT-1 UHF PD Sensor

CT-1 Features

  • Small dimensions for easy and quick installation
  • Passive components installed at ground potential for safe operation
  • Wide frequency range 30 – 900 MHz
  • Optimized for measuring instrumentation with input impedance of 50 Ohm
  • Applicable with oscilloscopes, UHF PD detectors and spectrum analyzers

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