KFS Horizontal & Vertical Sphere Gaps


KFS Vertical Sphere Gap

Sphere gaps can be used for Impulse, AC or DC voltage calibration according to the IEC 60052 recommendation. The sphere-gap presents the undeniable advantage of a direct and straightforward voltage measurement, where only the sphere diameter and their distance give a voltage measurement within ± 3 % accuracy. For the chopping of lightning impulses, the sphere gap can be equipped with the chopping device KFS Z trigger amplifier.

The spheres are made of highly polished copper with tight manufacturing tolerances. In the horizontal design, the spheres are mounted together with the adjusting gear on supporting columns. The adjusting gear consists of a hand-wheel and precision scale for adjustment of the sphere gap (accuracy 0.5 mm). The vertical, motorized design includes the sphere drive placed on the base frame. The sphere distance is controlled by the impulse generator controls GC 257 or by a specific control unit GC 219.

The KFS H (horizontal) models are rated up to 340 kV chopping voltages and the KFS V (vertical) models are rated up to 1215 kV chopping voltages.

DATA SHEET:     KFS Sphere Gaps

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