GC 257 Impulse Generator Control


Control systems for impulse generators are a crucial part of a complete impulse test system. From customized test procedures to measuring values and built in alarms the Haefely impulse control unit GC 257 can provide a reliable and advanced solution. Designed to be used in high voltage environments the GC 257 can be connected with an impulse measuring device (HiAS 744) to form a full impulse control and measurement system.

This state-of-the-art industrial PC based and desk control system is specifically designed for the needs of high voltage testing. This control system is supplied with a Windows based control software package of which the development is based on the experience of four generations of impulse generator control systems. The system’s hardware has an EMC hardened design for safe use also in the most electrically noisy areas.

GC 257 Features

  • Windows control software with easy and intuitive graphic user interface
  • Comfortable desk solution
  • The system controls and offers: charging voltage, charging time, polarity, triggering, counter, history, alarms, trips, earthing, safety, chopping, status visualization, sphere gaps, data logging, data storage, status handling, automation, system diagram visualization, and online help.
  • Free programmable Sequence mode optimized for automated production testing. A defined test sequence can be set up by the user easily, run by the software and the results are recorded. All test sequences can be recorded and saved for later use or repetition.
  • Full manual operation mode also possible
  • Full visualization of test system with measuring values, switch positions, earthing system, alarms, and warnings.
  • Integration of external measuring devices over ActiveX components and adaptation of its measuring values for remote operation and presetting of measuring devices.
  • OLE interface allows data access from other applications (e.g. Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Automatic test report generation
  • Integrated reporting tool with user-definable layout, logo insertion, etc.

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