Damped AC Test Systems DAC M30 / M40 / M60

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The DAC M30, M40, and M60 advanced damped AC (DAC) cable test systems are integrated with partial discharge (PD) diagnostic capabilities up to 30 kVpeak, 40 kVpeak, and 60 kVpeak, respectively. The systems also assess cable ageing status based on dissipation factor (tan delta) estimation. PD mapping allows users to identify areas of PD along the length of the cable. Portable on-site DAC voltage tests in combination with non-destructive PD and tan delta measurements is unique and fundamental for reliable service of newly installed, repaired, or service-aged cable systems.

Models also exist for high voltage transmission class cables (DAC H200 or DAC H300)

DAC M30 / M40 / M60 Features

  • Test voltages up to 30 kVpeak (Type M30), 40 kVpeak (Type M40), and 60 kVpeak (Type M60)
  • Higher test voltages available upon request
  • Performs testing according to IEEE 400.4
  • Test voltage frequency is comparable to operating voltage frequency
  • Supplied on castors with integrated control unit, HV supply, resonant inductor, divider, and PD measuring system
  • Easy lifting with included aluminum handle bars
  • Measurement control and analysis via laptop with Diagnostic Suite software

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