MIDAS micro 2883 – The most compact power factor test set on the market!

The MIDAS micro 2883 is a revolutionary Power Factor / Dissipation Factor and Capacitance tester used to test the insulation of high voltage components. This compact and portable device quickly evaluates the losses of electrical insulation in:

  • Power transformers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Instrument transformers
  • Bushings
  • Capacitors
  • Circuit breakers
  • Surge arrestors

Periodic maintenance and inspection of these apparatus is needed to ensure continued serviceability.

MIDAS micro 2883

The MIDAS micro 2883 is the smallest and most compact insulation diagnosis set on the market.  It is the most advanced portable offering from HAEFELY / Tettex that is the result of decades of leading the field in high voltage testing.

At only 55 lbs it can be safely transported and set up by a single person.  The robust case is fitted with casters and a telescoping handle for easy movement over smooth surfaces, and 1 handle on the side to carry over uneven terrain.

Results are always reliable, even under difficult conditions such as a noisy substation thanks to the built-in noise suppression mode.  The MIDAS micro uses a stable SF6 reference capacitor to ensure accurate results for life.

The connections and cabling have been streamlined to allow for quick and easy setup.  A connections guide is attached to the inside lid of the instrument.  It’s built-in 7-inch touch screen controller avoids the need for an external PC connection.

The three operating modes allow for a wide range of skill levels to operate this tester.

    1. Basic mode is used for simple and fast manual measurements.
    2. Guided mode leads the user through the setup of the measurement (selection of the type of test object as well as the selection of the type of measurements you want to perform). An automated sequence is generated which guides the user through the steps of the measurements with instructions on how to connect to the test object.)
    3. Advanced mode allows for custom automated sequences and the ability to perform advanced manual measurements.

The MIDAS micro has all of the features that you need.  The built-in 12 kV voltage source delivers a clean signal, independent of the mains.  The variable frequency source allows the user to take measurements over a frequency range from 15 to 400 Hz.  This is important for bushings, and in the future may become more valuable for measurement of current and power transformers.

Built-in USB and ethernet ports allow for easy data export, if necessary.

Safety always comes first.  In addition to an emergency stop button, the MIDAS micro is equipped with an external dead-man type safety switch which must be held down prior to testing to allow for high voltage to be turned on.  For visual indication of high voltage, a warning bar is displayed at the top of the screen, as well as an optional external strobe light.  The MIDAS micro is equipped with a high voltage and ground connection sensor, which allows high voltage to be switched on only when a proper ground connection has been made to the unit.

MIDAS micro 2883 Features

  • Shortest measuring time for power factor, dissipation factor (tan delta), and capacitance
  • Compact, one-box design (25 kg / 55 lbs)
  • 7″ color touch screen for easy operation
  • 12 kV high voltage source
  • Variable frequency range of 15 – 400 Hz
  • Accuracy of 0.3% (capacitance) and 1×10-4 (tan delta)
  • Safe operation with interlock, emergency stop, safety checks and HV ground surveillance
  • Three operating modes: basic, guided, advanced
  • Rugged case with included accessories bag
  • Highest accuracy
  • Advanced interference suppression
  • Ability to measure tan delta of insulating oil quickly on site with the 6835 Portable Oil Test Cell

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