HVT Achieves ISO 17025 Certification!

We are delighted to announce one year after obtaining our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, and during our 20th year at HVT, we have achieved ISO 17025 certification and A2LA accreditation for our laboratory!

HVT has worked towards this goal for the past year and we were able to show technical competence in the field of testing and calibration for ESD Simulators. From this point forward HVT will not only be able to offer NIST-traceable calibrations, as before, but also complete ISO 17025 calibrations for all ESD3000 electrostatic discharge testers that we have sold and continue to sell from EMC Partner. We are now a one-stop calibration lab and service center with OEM-trained and certified service engineers for ISO 17025 calibrations and repairs of the ESD3000 testers. 

AND we are not done yet! It is our strategic goal to continue to broaden our ISO 17025 calibration capabilities for the many other product groups we sell! We will keep our customers informed on a regular basis as we add to our accreditation and continue to strive to increase our level of customer acceptance for the equipment and services we provide.

Download HVT’s Scope of Accreditation and Certificate by pressing the A2LA image: