3320 Series Standard Air Capacitors

HAEFELY / Tettex

3320 air capacitors

These standard fixed and variable capacitors are specially built for precision measurements of high accuracy dissipation factor (tan delta). Due to their high insulation resistance, small self-inductance, and very low dissipation factor, these standards may be used within large frequency ranges up to very high frequencies.

For a stable tan delta values, the outer case is equipped with a moisture indicator. If the moisture is too high, the included silica gel cartridge can be easily dried in an oven and reused.

DATA SHEET:      3320 Standard Air Capacitors

3320 Features

  • Highly stable capacitance with no influence from atmospheric pressure and humidity
  • Very low internal dissipation factor
  • Enclosed in housing filled with dry air to protect against dust and moisture
  • Equipped with a drying agent (Silica gel) and humidity indicator on the top
  • Coaxial Lemo 3 connectors
  • Suitable for calibrations or reference laboratories

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