Breakdown Testers


Insulation Test // Premium

The world’s first integrated testing solution for solid insulation materials for testing of capacitance, tan delta, and breakdown voltage according to the latest ASTM/IEEE/IEC standards with or without preconditioning of the material. Tests can be done up to several hundred kV under atmospheric conditions and/or under oil. Measurements in an oven under elevated temperature are also possible. These systems are very customer specific, therefore please contact us in order to offer you the best possible solution for your testing needs.

Breakdown Testers

Specially developed for quality control of producers and users of solid insulation materials, such as VPI and RR materials, but also insulation tape-bands and insulation paper. The machines are designed for easy, fast, and repeatable breakdown testing for continuous monitoring of breakdown voltage. Different machine sizes up to 50 kV are available.

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Insulation Test // Premium Features

  • Free programmable routines
  • Immediate report generation with the EPRO Measurement Center software
  • Automatic saving of all results in a defined database
  • Possibility to export data to Microsoft Excel for a deeper analysis
  • High tan delta measuring accuracy

Breakdown Tester Features

  • Excellent repeatability in breakdown testing
  • Breakdown can be detected from voltage or current measurements to distinguish between surface discharges and real breakdowns
  • Easy to use with the graphic user interface
  • Integrated power source suiting the requirements of ASTM D149 and EN 60243 in terms of crest factor, rate of rise, and speed of breakdown detection
  • Detection of voltage wave shape periods before breakdown
  • Digital filter algorithm to distinguish real breakdowns from surface discharges

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