KAL 9531 RIV (NEMA & CISPR) Calibrator

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KAL 9531

The RIV calibrator KAL 9531 has been designed to perform RIV calibration by combining two RIV measurement standards – NEMA and CISPR – into a single device.  KAL 9531 offers a unique possibility to conduct backward compatible measurements with former valid and broadly used NEMA 107-1987 standard (Stoddart RIV meter) but also to follow currently valid CISPR 18-2 standard used for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) measurements.

The KAL 9531 is compact, easy to use, and has an exceptionally long battery life. The RIV calibrator is easily controlled and the values are displayed on a large LCD display.

DATA SHEET:      KAL 9531 RIV Calibrator

KAL 9531 Features

  • Compliance with NEMA 107 and CISPR 18-2
  • Selectable and broad voltage and frequency output
  • Handheld with large display
  • Robust and modern design
  • Battery operated
  • Optimized for routine tests and factory acceptance tests
  • All in one: One single device allows calibration according the latest CISPR 18-2 as well as backwards compatible with NEMA (Stoddart)
  • Ease of use: Large display provides complete overview about the selected settings (applied standard, voltage, and frequency).
  • Robustness and compactness: Lightweight, solid casing and long battery operation

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