KAL 9520 Double Pulse PD Calibrator

HAEFELY / Tettex

KAL 9520

The KAL 9520 has been designed to exceed the normal requirements of a PD calibrator. Its wide range (from 100 fC to 50 nC), its small injection capacitor, and its advanced features (double pulse, polarity pulse selection, internal and external synchronization, linear range selection, etc.) make the KAL 9520 unique.

The KAL 9520 fully complies to the ANSI/ICEA T-24-380 Standard for Partial Discharge Test Procedure for power cables requiring a double impulse test (Two Pulse Response) utilizing a specific voltage step (400 mV) and injection capacitance value (100 pF).

KAL 9520 Features

  • Fully compliant with IEC 60270 and ANSI/ICEA T-24-380
  • Any selectable PD level with its ultra wide range (0.1 pC to 50,000 pC)
  • Number of pulses and polarity is selectable
  • Touch screen
  • Handheld, rechargeable battery
  • Programmable frequency or light triggered
  • No need for different PD calibrators: the KAL 9520 includes all one needs in a regular PD calibrator and adds all one would wish in a “reference” PD calibrator
  • The KAL 9520 is delivered with a traceable test certificate and as an option, a complete IEC 17025 test certificate
  • Compact and easy to use: The values and features are selected through an intuitive menu on its touch screen

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