KAL 9510 Intermediate PD Calibrator

HAEFELY / Tettex

KAL 9510

The KAL 9510 has been designed to fulfill the standard requirements of a PD calibrator. Its wide range (from 1 pC to 50 nC), its small injection capacitor, carefully selected features and intuitive user interface makes the KAL 9510 unique.

The high step voltage generator included in the KAL 9510 allows the use of extremely low injection capacitors (1 – 200 pF) as recommended in the current IEC 60270 standard. The fast pulse rise time (< 35 ns) creates a complete flat response in the frequency domain far beyond the IEC 60270 recommended measuring band.

KAL 9510 Features

  • Ultra wide range from 1 pC up to 50,000 pC
  • Selectable pulse polarity
  • Touch screen
  • Programmable frequency or light triggered
  • Handheld, rechargeable battery
  • No need for different PD calibrators: The wide output range and pulse polarity selection allows a proper calibration at any test object
  • Correct calibration independent of the test object capacitance: The low injection capacitors eliminates the test object capacitance influence during the calibration.
  • Guarantees the reliability of the partial discharge measuring chain due to the included traceable test certificate and the optional IEC 17025 calibration certificate

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