AKV 9330 Measuring Impedance for Large Power Capacitors

HAEFELY / Tettex

The AKV 9330 has been specially designed for Partial Discharge (PD) testing of power capacitors. It addresses two major problems associated with large capacitor PD testing – reduced measurement sensitivity and high current requirements. By a new approach, AKV 9330 amplifies the PD measuring sensitivity significantly while simultaneously handling power frequency currents up to 300 A. It is an ideal IEC 60270 – compliant solution for PD testing of power capacitors.

AKV 9330 Features

  • Active measuring impedance system using a special high frequency current transformer
  • Compact design and standard BNC connectors
  • Large input current (up to 300 A)
  • Built in overvoltage protection
  • Measuring band exceeds the requirements of the IEC and ANSI standard
  • High sensitivity for PD measurement – In comparison with other quadripoles the AKV 9330 provides the highest sensitivity for the PD testing of large power capacitors, thanks to the unique and specific design
  • Easy to integrate into test systems
  • Optimized for the complete spectrum of power capacitors (from LV to MV and HV range)

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