KK Series Coupling Capacitors & AC Voltage Dividers


The Haefely KK high voltage capacitor series consists of 1 or more modular units, built into fiberglass-reinforced epoxy tubes. Their applications include coupling capacitor for PD measurements, measuring AC voltages in the power frequency range, providing a base load for high voltage AC resonant test systems, and attenuating interferences coming from the HV supply with the optional high voltage filter.  The standard base frame is fitted with castors for mobility, and upon request, large and heavy versions can be equipped with air cushions.

KK Features

  • Models available rated voltage from 300 kV and above
  • Coupling capacitance of 0.5 to 10 nF
  • High stability in capacitance values
  • PD free design
  • Large base frame with heavy duty swivel casters
  • Very large and heavy models can be fitted with air cushions
  • Base frame prepared to add measuring impedance for PD testing or secondary unit for AC voltage measurements
  • Optional HV filter available to attenuate interference from power supply and improve signal-to-noise ratio

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