9241/100/1 RC Coupling Capacitor & AC/DC Voltage Divider


The Haefely 9241/100/1 high voltage capacitor consists of a modular HV capacitor, which fitted with an appropriate measuring impedance or with the DDX 9160 battery-operated PD Detector or DDX 9161 laboratory-optimized PD Detector with internal integrated measuring impedance, can be used for AC & DC partial discharge measurements. When fitted with an AC/DC secondary unit, the capacitor can be used for AC & DC voltage measurements.

The double base design allows for all components, including DDX 9160 or DDX 9161, to be fitted into the base of the coupling capacitor, drastically reducing the number of necessary devices for performing a partial discharge test and saving room in the HV laboratory.

The capacitors are of sturdy and rugged design for indoor operation. The standard design includes a base frame with swivel castors, termination box with BNC connector including surge protection, and an appropriate upper torroid.

9241/100/1 Features

  • Save room in the laboratory with a compact all-in-one solution HV capacitor, measuring impedance (optional), secondary unit (optional), high voltage filter (optional), and DDX 9160 or DDX 9161 PD detectors (optional)
  • Rated for 100 kV AC and 150 kV DC
  • Coupling capacitance of 1 nF
  • High stability in capacitance values
  • Large base frame with heavy duty swivel casters
  • Base frame prepared to add measuring impedance, secondary unit, and PD detector
  • Optional HV filter available to attenuate interference from power supply and improve signal-to-noise ratio
  • Excellent PD stability under AC: < 1 PC
  • Excellent PD stability under DC: No pulses > 10 pC and < 10 pulses above 1 pC in 10 minute sliding window

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