Resistive Impulse Voltage Dividers


Resistive voltage dividers have excellent response parameters and are used for measurements of full and front chopped lightning impulse (LI) or impulse voltages with steep wave fronts. They are generally used when an additional capacitance in the test circuit is not permissible due to the slowdown effect on the rise time. Therefore it can’t be served as a load capacitor for the impulse generator.

The high voltage resistors made of CrNi wire are anti-inductively wound. For dividers with a rated lightning impulse voltage above 200 kV the high voltage resistors are housed in cylinders made of fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin. Above 150 kV rated lightning impulse voltage the dividers are equipped with toroidal HV electrodes to guarantee corona free operation.

The secondary unit is fitted with a LEMO connector and consists of resistors of low inductance arranged in a coaxial design. The unit is fixed at the bottom of the divider and can easily be disassembled.

RT models can be used for LI up to 3000 kV and the divider ratio is designed to achieve an output voltage of 1400 V at rated LI voltage. Upon request the dividers can be supplied with other ratios or with an attenuator to match the input voltage of non-Haefely measuring devices.

DATA SHEET:      RT Model Dividers

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