GN 12000: Modular Power Amplifier Requires Minimum Maintenance 

High field levels generated by a 12 kW CW wideband power amplifier

The GN 12000 high broadband power amplifier from Prana is easy to upgrade and requires minimal maintenance, with a modular design and quick access to all subsystems.  It has 16 identical power modules, 4 intermediate combiners, 1 final combiner and 1 coupler. Integrated into an EMC system, it can obtain a CW electric level field higher than 200 V/m in the frequencies (100 kHz – 225 MHz). Other features include:

  • Class A solid state
  • Frequency extension between 80 kHz to 250 MHz upon request (with limited specifications)
  • Typical output power : 12000 W CW
  • Linear output power (1 dB compression) guaranteed with harmonics <-20 dBc:  P1dB > 10000 W and H<-20 dBc up to 100 MHz and P1dB > 5000 W and H<-20 dBc from 100 MHz to 200 MHz
  • Can operate in full mismatch conditions without damage

To learn more about this testing powerhouse, read this whitepaper by Dr. Ludovic Bacqué PRANA R&D. It delves into the architecture, as well as details such as output power,  harmonics and measured horizontal electric fields. Questions about the GN 12000? Contact our sales engineers at