PCI – Pulse Current Injection

Montena Technology’s new portable generator, the PPG-E1-1200, is used for pulse current injection (PCI) to verify the performance of protective devices at the electrical point-of-entry of fixed ground-based facilities or transportable systems against high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP), according to MIL-STD-188-125-1/2. The generator produces an E1 Short Pulse up to 1200 Amps.

The pulse generator is battery-powered and specially designed for tests onsite where power is not always available. The generator is remote-controlled through an optical link, ensuring total galvanic insulation of the operator for safe operation. The system is delivered with ruggedized transportation boxes on wheels for easy deployment on-site.


The pulse generator delivers the high-current pulses either directly or through coupling devices in the protective device under test. A residual part of the pulse enters the protected facility. An oscilloscope measures the injected and residual pulse with current probes for display and eventually storage in the control PC. In order to ensure correct measurement, the sensors are connected with fiber optic links, and the measurement equipment is installed in a shielded enclosure.

Pulse Current Injection

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