Standard Voltage (Potential) Transformers


EPRO standard voltage transformers are used in transformer test fields, instrument transformer test fields, national meteorological institutes, and many more fields. These devices are purely inductive and have been proven in the industry for decades. The devices transform high voltage to a measurable value of 100 V or 110 V. All devices can be produced according to customer requirements with a broad variety of primary and secondary voltages. Models from 500 V to 800/√3 kV, single and double pole, are available.


  • Accuracy up to ± 0.005% and ± 0.5 min
  • Wide measuring range of 20 – 120% of rated voltage for any primary tap (40 – 120% can be calibrated)
  • Extremely reliable and long service life with estimated lifetime of 30 plus years
  • No measuring drift or loss in accuracy over the lifetime of the instrument
  • Dry insulated, cast resin insulated, and oil insulated models available
  • Models up to 100 kV executed as a single stage device. Larger models are normally designed in a cascade execution, while the lower cascade can also be operated separately

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