DMI 551 Digital Measuring Instrument


The DMI 551 is an instrument for measurement of AC, DC, and impulse peak voltages by means of 3 independent channels. The instrument also has an implemented flash detector to store and display the last voltage measurement and its polarity once a breakdown occurs. Typical main applications of the unit include measurements of a voltage divider output or for automated product testing where the DMI 551 is integrated into a complete control and measuring platform.

DMI 551 Features

  • AC voltage measurement by capturing rms, peak and peak/√2 values
  • DC voltage measurement and evaluation of mean value and ripple factor
  • Impulse voltage measurement by capturing peak values of lightning or switching impulses
  • Impulse current measurement by acquiring the voltage across a current shunt
  • Triggering of generator and chopping gaps and any other measuring device
  • Flash detection of AC and DC flashovers. The generator can automatically be stopped from recharging
  • Remote control to operate the unit from a computer or a laptop
  • Easy to operate: Large LCD screen, case sensitive softkeys and special function keys reduce setup time and ensure intuitive and safe handling
  • Accurate and reliable: Well established hardware and extensively tested software allows meaningful and credible measurements
  • Customized solution: Due to the flexibility of the DMI 551 many HV measuring applications can be covered with this single device

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