VLF Tan Delta Cable Diagnostics


Tan delta measurements are a precise and non-destructive method to provide important information on the extent of ageing in cable insulation. This could include the presence of water trees in XLPE cables, moisture in joints and terminations, and the presence of partial discharges.

Knowledge and understanding of the cable condition will help to reduce unnecessary outages and make it possible to realize a condition-based and cost-optimized maintenance program. The patented truesinus® voltage generation technology provides a precise basis for significant and reproducible results so that reliable comparisons and trend analysis can be conducted.

Tan delta measuring function is integrated into the portable VLF generators, which means that no additional external hardware is required, allowing for a simplified plug and play test.

VLF Tan Delta Models:

Up to 26 kVRMS:      Frida TD

Up to 44 kVRMS:      Viola TD 

Up to 57 kVRMS:      PHG 80 TD

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