RVM 5462b Recovery Voltage Meter

HAEFELY / Tettex

RVM 5462

The recovery voltage method is based on the phenomenon of the polarization of oil/paper impregnated insulation. The RVM 5462 Advanced Automatic Recovery Voltage Meter examines the oil/paper insulation condition by tracing the polarization spectrum. For example, in moist oil/paper insulation there is a polarization of water molecules when applying a DC voltage. The water molecules acquire a polarity, drift in the direction of the electric field, and become energized. After short-circuiting the insulation some energy will still remain stored in the molecules and the “recovery voltage” of this stored energy can be measured.

RVM 5462b Features

  • Measurement of charging voltage, recovery voltage, initial voltage rise slope, peak recovery voltage, time to peak, insulation resistance, polarization index, polarization current, and interference voltage
  • Test voltages 50 to 2000 V DC in 1 V steps
  • Resistance measuring range 1 MΩ to 1000 GΩ
  • Charging and discharging current measurement range 20 mA to 10 pA
  • Automatic microprocessor controlled measurement
  • Freely definable test procedures
  • Built-in printer
  • RS 232 interface for computer connection
  • Built-in test box for self testing prior to measuring
  • Optional available analysis software
  • LCD screen shows results in alpha-numerical and graphical form
  • Lightweight, compact and rugged design for use in harsh environments

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