PD-TaD 62 – Portable VLF PD Diagnostics System


At 40 lbs, the lightest and most compact PD measuring device on the market

PD-TaD 62 Features 

  • PD level measurement according to IEC 60270
  • PD source localization and display of PD activity over the cable length
  • Coupling capacitor incl. measuring impedance and PD measuring unit in one device
  • Menu guided control software
  • Parallel PD and dissipation factor measurements in combination with a VLF generator with tan delta measuring function
  • Usage with external HV source up to 44 kVrms VLF truesinus®

Full Monitored Withstand Test (Full-MWT)

  • Full MWT with Frida TD + PD-TaD 62 or Viola TD + PD-TaD 62
  • Combination of withstand test, tan delta diagnostics, and PD diagnostics – ALL IN ONE TEST
  • Complete evaluation of the insulation dielectric condition and better detection of hidden faults
  • Intelligent withstand voltage test with shorter test duration for cables in good condition (up to 75% reduction in withstand voltage test time)
  • 50% shorter diagnostic test duration with simultaneous PD and tan delta measurement
BSW4 PD Diagnostics

PD Diagnostic Software

  • Exact location of PD activities in cable insulation, joints, and terminations
  • Automatic calibration of PD measurement system
  • Safe evaluation of PD intensity
  • Automatic partial discharge measurement with automatic entry of inception voltage and location of PD sources
  • VLF standard test and PD measurement simultaneously
  • Comfortable completion of measurement
  • Reliable location of weak points in the cable even at noise levels through filtering and display of parasitic frequencies (frequency filter)
  • Easy and quick evaluation through automatic evaluation mode, measurement data filter and quick access keys
  • Clear presentation of PD activities over the entire cable length
  • Phase Resolved PD Patterns – Precise interpretation of measurement results through presentation of PD level and PD frequency in relation to the phase angle of the test voltage

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