AKV 9360 Wideband Measuring Impedance

HAEFELY / Tettex

The AKV 9360 series of quadripole (measuring impedance) is a fully passive measurement system optimized for use with the DDX 9160 & DDX 9161 PD Detectors. The AKV 9360 is designed for simultaneous measurement of high-frequency partial discharge pulses as well as the HV test voltage (power frequency) according to IEC 60270. The AKV 9360 also fulfills the NEMA and CISPR requirements for RIV measurements. It is equipped with an internal voltage divider and a dedicated 4 mm output connector for an external low-arm device.

The AKV 9360DC model includes an internal RC divider to allow for DC synchronization voltage during partial discharge testing.

The AKV 9310-SEK provides a combination of the measuring impedance and calibrated voltage secondary unit.

DATA SHEET:      AKV 9360 Measuring Impedance

AKV 9360 Features

  • Designed for PD (AC & DC) and RIV measurements
  • Easy to connect
  • High input current up to 5 A
  • Fixed internal voltage divider
  • Output for external low arm voltage measurement (floating connection)
  • Passive coupling impedance: no batteries or charger needed
  • Model for DC PD testing available (AKV 9360DC)
  • Measuring band exceeds the requirements of IEC 60270
  • Built-in over-voltage protection
  • Internal voltage divider delivers the synchronization and voltage measurement signal to the PD detector for phase-resolved measurements
  • Easy integration or replacement into existing test system due to its compact design, standard BNC outputs, and grounded/floating switch
  • Model available combining measuring impedance and calibrated voltage secondary unit (AKV 9360-SEK), reducing connections and space

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