DTA 100 C Laboratory Oil Breakdown Tester


Efficient, highly reliable, and precise

The breakdown voltage test is used to evaluate the degree of impurity in insulating oils due to foreign particles, gas, and water. It meets current regulations and is economically useful to protect electrical systems such as transformers and switches, as well as, medical and security systems from breakdowns. The main reason for such damage is the poor condition of the insulating oil.

The oil tester BAUR DTA 100 C, is designed for continuous operation in the laboratory. This high performance instrument is characterized by the combination of extraordinary properties such as a test voltage up to 100 kV, clear breakdown detection, and absolutely reliable measurement results. The BAUR DTA 100 C is the leading testing instrument for users in the electricity industry, in testing institutes, and other industrial applications.

DTA 100 C Features

  • Fully automatic measurement of the dielectric strength of insulating oil up to 100 kV
  • Repeatable breakdown measurement in mineral, silicone, and natural ester oils
  • Ergonomic design for high efficiency, usability, and safety
  • Extraordinarily powerful for continuous use in the laboratory
  • Switch-off time below 10 microseconds for reliable and reproducible results through multiple measurements
  • Clear breakdown detection with measurement principle directly on the high voltage side
  • Automatic self-test with HV output voltage test
  • Fully automatic measuring sequences from 18 programmed test standards and 10 user-programmable test sequences
  • Oil-proof membrane keyboard, easy to read LCD display, and integrated printer
  • Built-in sensor for temperature measurement of the insulating oil
  • High quality glass test cells
  • EMC shield to prevent damage to IT infrastructure

Optimum data management possibilities

Proper archiving of the measurement results is essential for the analysis of insulating oil. The DTA 100 C allows 3 different possibilities to archive the results:

  • Integrated printer for immediate print out of the results
  • ITS Lite software: allows structured storage of measurement results in .pdf and/or .txt files on any PC/laptop that is connected to the DTA 100 C. This is ideal for use in a laboratory environment.
  • Report Manager: allows automatic storage of measurement results in .pdf and/or .txt files on an external device that can be exported at a later time using an USB stick. Ideal for when a PC/laptop cannot be used in a testing laboratory.

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